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About Us

Vuotar was a witch in Finnish mythology. She made creams and lotions in forest from powerful water and her creams were used to cure sick people.

I bought my first handmade soap in 2009 from Riihimäki's market place and  I fell in love with it. I needed to try making soap by myself. And then I was hooked. I got all my shelves full of soap. I started thinking about soap business. We have a little studio in our basement and that was a perfect place to make soap. We renovated it and I bought the safety assessment for soap and enrolled myself as cosmetic product manufacturer to TUKES (Finnish safety and chemical agency). I started making soap and opened my online soap shop in April 2012. I was on family leave and I made soaps only part-timely. Since August 2013 I have been full-time entrepreneur.

I use mainly natural ingredient in my product: vegetable oils, herbs, essential oils, but also some synthetic fragrance oils (until I consider my self good enough to make my own essential oil blends). My soaps are made with cold or hot process methods from oils and lye. Most of my products are available both scented and unscented.